The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a global chain of beauty and cosmetic stores. The company was founded by Anita Roddick and is noted for selling products that are made without animal testing.

The Body Shop


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  • Beauty Meets Sustainable

    The Body Shop has a wide range of different scents and lotions. I can recommend their make up products as well, because they all blend very well with my skin type. All of the products are made without animal testing which is really important to me. Thanky you Body Shop.

    Rully, Indonesia - 15 September 2014

  • High school sweethearts

    I have fallen in love with this product when I was in Junior High School. For me it will never be replaced by any other product. That is how amazing it is.

    dinameidianti, Indonesia - 15 September 2014

  • Never disappointing

    Never disappointing and I never regret buying this. That's how you feel after using any Body Shop product.

    Sonia, - 09 September 2014

  • Beautiful and healthy skin

    The Body Shop fulfils my needs for beautiful and healthy skin. It helps me feel confident, and The Body Shop definitely understands girl's needs.

    Anissa, Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • In love with the scent

    I am in love with the scent of the Love Musk Perfume. It smells so good and calm. It is long lasting too! I just need to spray it once in the morning and it will last all day. The tea tree oil is also so good! It cures my blemishes very fast. It always selling out fast, so I have to buy it whenever I see it at the store.

    Irene , Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • Good ethics

    No animal testing. That's the reason why I buy these products.

    Lusvita, Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • Perfect

    Bodyshop is perfect. That is all. It is just so good.

    Lusvita, Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • Range of cosmetics

    I really like to buy cosmetics in this place. I really love the things they have.

    kesera, - 09 September 2014

  • Love all the products

    I love all of the products here! My favorite is the body mist mango fragrance. The smell is really fresh.

    Fransisca, - 09 September 2014

  • Body Shop Smoothness

    The smoothness of Body Shop products are heavenly!

    Jessica, Indonesia - 08 September 2014