Shimano is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle, and snowboarding equipment.



  • Freedom, spirit and space

    My first road bike & first cycling shoes were Shimano. They are my alter-ego; they still give me freedom, spirit and space. Shimano to me means all those things; it excites, it's alive and it's a free spirit - this LoveMark is not simply what I am but a really what I want go be, where I want to go. Shimano is the essence of my 'tomorrow' dreams.

    Zelga, United Kingdom - 08 July 2012

  • Designed by cyclists for cyclists

    Shimano bicycle parts are bomb-proof, lightweight and designed by cyclists for cyclists. I still have the Shimano pedals from my first mountain bike which I built in 1999 and have no plans of throwing them away. I will replace them with another pair of Shimano pedals when they finally break on me.

    Vespajunkie, Philippines - 20 November 2008