Beyond Toothpaste

Beyond Toothpaste is a brand of natural hygienic kosher toothpaste. It was created by David Webster.

Beyond Toothpaste


  • Happy mouth feelings

    I have to agree with the other comments here. I've only been using Beyond Toothpaste less than a week, and I'm blown away by how much better my mouth and teeth feel! I've heard the full effect takes about a month, so I'm looking forward to all the happy mouth feelings in the coming weeks.

    Jeff, - 10 December 2008

  • I would recommend to everyone

    Definitely the best dentifrice on the market. I've been using Beyond Toothpaste for over two years. I rarely go to the dentist. But when I have gone, simply for a check up, to confirm that my teeth are doing fine, there's been nothing for the hygenist or the dentist to do! I would recommend to everyone.

    Jon Warren, - 01 December 2008

  • Revolutionary

    I met David Webster, inventor of Beyond Toothpaste about a month ago and decided to give his toothpaste a try. What I experienced after two weeks of brushing with this toothpaste is unbelievable: because the sulphur in the paste kills bacteria way up in the gums, I no longer have that slick film in my mouth in the morning, my gums no longer bleed and I have no more pain. I found out that he has been working for 30 years to find a cure for gum disease and gingivitis and now I'm doing a documentary on his toothpaste story and life. The videos will be on YouTube very soon and this toothpaste will revolutionize the dental hygiene industry in time.

    Leah, United States - 07 November 2008