Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is a of brand of essential oils and aromatheraphy based personal care products developed by Frontier Natural Products Co-Operative.

Aura Cacia


  • I heart them

    Aromatherapy, huh, complicated you say? Don't stress. Essential Solutions of Aura Cacia has it all worked out for you drop by drop. Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Love Potion, when he says I love that smell, I just smile knowingly, I think I know I've got the right guy. Medieval Mix, definitely for the Big City girl as she looks out her gated window. This formula adds extra protection for your mind and sense. The formula offered people in the Dark Ages protection from Black Death. Lastly these formulas make me smile as well as please my nose and mind. They help me turn things around for the better: Creative Juices, Gray Matter Batter, First Response, Chill Pill, Mellow Mix and PepTalk. You might get the idea that these little bottles are among my best friends. I put them in a cobalt spray bottle with pure water and spray my room, my bedclothes, my clothes. I drop the bottle in my handbag for on the go nose power. I drop the formulas into my palm candle diffuser to create a barrier between the bad and me. I heart them.

    E, United States - 13 November 2007