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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is an American makeup artist and a brand of cosmetics by the same name.

Bobbi Brown


  • Love the Soft Brush

    This make-up kit is the best type because the soft brush gives the best look. I wouldn't be able to put on my make-up well without this make-up kit. 


    Jacqueline, Indonesia - 06 September 2014

  • Full Coverage

    I really love the BB cream so much! I get full coverage which makes me feel in love with this product!


    Jessica, Indonesia - 05 September 2014

  • Lippy

    Oh how I love Bobbi Brown lipstick! So many seductive colors,m and they always reflect my mood. When I'm facing a gloomy day, I use one and suddenly I feel bright and fresh again. My favorite shade is Mud Pink, it's so pretty. Thanks for making my day Bobbi.

    Dewi Yuany, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • I just love it.

    I just love Bobbi Brown.

    Bunnynongky, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • I love this product

    I love Bobbi Brown products because I have an experience when using its products. The story began when I was eighteen years old and my face was full of acne. It made me uncomfortable with myself. One day I met this product when I was in Singapore. I had to buy concealer to cover my acne and its redness. I wanted to buy Bobbi Brown products, so I chose to buy a concealer. The first time I was not sure about this product but I believed that Bobbi Brown is a good brand. So I tried it on my face and I LOVE this concealer. I mean, it really works on my face and reduces both the acne and redness on my face. That is why even now I still use concealer from Bobbi Brown and I don't want to use concealers from other brands.

    priscilia, Indonesia - 21 September 2012

  • Love Bobbi Brown so much!

    I love all the products! The texture of the bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks, and everything, is perfect. The result is also satisfying. The packaging of each products is elegant and nothing can compare to this brand. Love Bobbi Brown so much! Especially the brush, the small brush; the shape is perfect and unique. No one can produce a brush like Bobbi Brown.

    tesadelfia, Indonesia - 24 March 2010

  • She's great

    Great concealers. Great makeup tips. She's great.

    Fiorella, Canada - 06 October 2009

  • Now I'm a fan

    Bobbi Brown not only produces great products that help you to enhance your natural features, but they feel nourishing, too. Bobbi Brown staff are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and never pushy. Slowly but surely they've impressed me with their brand and now I'm a fan.

    Irene, United Kingdom - 13 November 2007