Stephen Colbert

Comedian and actor Stephen Colbert plays a semi-fictional character on his comedy television program The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert


  • Props, Stephen, props

    Funny as hell. Can you say that on Lovemarks? It’s true, though. Stephen Colbert is one of the funniest men alive and one of the most irreverant. He is funny when he’s serious and he’s funny when he’s funny...and funniest when he’s trying to keep a straight face. The Colbert Report is the one show that I can watch everyday and not get tired of it. Props, Stephen, props.

    Angela, United States - 18 June 2007

  • Colbert is gold

    Stephen Colbert is a GOD! Not really, but these days it’s close enough. He has become a highly respected comedian, and the only thing funnier than his jokes is when he laughs at himself. His ability to keep a straight face in incredible, but even the best slip up sometimes. His biting social commentary and sarcastic interviews keep millions of people hooked to the Colbert Report every night. Even President Bush agrees....Colbert is gold.

    Angela, United States - 24 March 2007

  • THE smartest thing on tv

    If you’re alive and intellegent and NOT watching "The Colbert Report", then you deserve to be mauled by the bears Colbert finds so frightening. Acerbic and pungently funny, Colbert treads the line between satire and social commentary like he’s channeling the combined ghosts of Spalding Gray and Edward R. Murrow. I don’t know what the hell that means, but I enjoy "The Word" and watching uncomfortable conservatives squirm in their chairs as Colbert grills them in his trademark, deadpan kamikaze fashion. THE smartest thing on tv right now.

    etray, United States - 19 February 2007