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REMO General Store

REMO was launched in Sydney Australia in 1988 as a general store with a mission to seek out and celebrate Quality & Passion in people and merchandise gathered together from all over the world.

REMO General Store


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  • Well done

    Ever since REMO went into hiding, I have been missing you, and every once and a while, the famous yellow rubber bath duck appears and I think of REMO. Its soooo great to hear that REMO has returned. Well done.

    rococo, Australia - 19 July 2007

  • Commitment to things inspired and inspiring

    The original REMO General Store was an oasis of quality in a world awash with feculent ephemera. As a student I went there to find inspiration as much as any product. That kernel of commitment to things inspired and inspiring continues in their online presence. I go to the REMO site and feel like someone has tapped into my brain and brought together just the things that I might enjoy. Tthe epitome of the Lovemark.

    Christine, Australia - 19 November 2006

  • Great fun to browse and shop

    Everything about the REMO style is special. The store was unique, and the products quirky, beautifully designed and functional. Now the website has somehow managed to capture all of the same qualities. Clever indeed, and great fun to browse and shop. Remo’s original charm is all there online...

    st martins, Australia - 15 November 2006

  • I still have some of the orginal catalogues

    The original REMO store was full of multi dimensional brands like Proraso, Fisher Space Pens, Moleskine and many others. As a "best of the best" brand heaven it also provided a platform for the wonderful t shirt designs - of which the "stripey thing" deserves nomination in its own right. After 16 years I still have some of the orginal catalogues. Now as a community driven brand it continues to inspire. Check out the zoob modelling system and see if it is a classic in the making.

    Jason, New Zealand - 19 November 2005

  • With a dash of serendipity

    REMO general store - when I was a teenager I loved their eclectic catalogues full of great T shirts and amazing things from around Australia and around the world. REMO isn't just a store, it's a community of folk who love the interesting and useful. Customer suggestions and ideas drive the product range. Retailing with a dash of serendipity. Extraordinary things, now international, thanks to the internet.

    Joy, Australia - 23 November 2004

  • Truly fascinating

    The rebirth of REMO is a remarkable story of loyalty beyond reason, and makes it one of the great sleeper Lovemarks of recent times, truly fascinating. These consumers who subscribe appear to be getting the exact modern real-love experience that Kevin Roberts describes. So I'd like to ask those REMO people, the genuine Australian Lovemark voters, what they REALLY think about Fosters Lager, an imposter on the List? For cryin' out loud, Blue! Just when REMO was making me love Australia again.

    Charlie, New Zealand - 02 July 2004

  • Finding REMO

    REMO is one of the first Australian businesses where the owner literally wore his heart on his sleeve, became the brand, included his people in every aspect of the business with a sense of grace and good humour that drew the customer into the family. It didn't matter if you bought a t-shirt or not, you were still part of the experience. Love it.

    Michael Joel, Australia - 24 June 2004

  • I hope we can grow old together

    I came of age and moved into my first apartment at the same time REMO General Store opened It's doors for the first time in Darlinghurst Sydney. People always said that REMO was 10 years ahead of its time, and was sorely missed when they were forced to shut the (original) store down... When Remo reinvented the concept via the internet and later the store in Bondi, I was back like a shot to replace all my dearly loved (and thread-bare) Items. I grew up with Remo and I hope we can grow old together.

    Andrew, United Kingdom - 10 June 2004

  • Love the catalogues more than the store

    The Oxford St store was great, but the printed catalogues were even better. I still have a couple and love to study them - they are a microcosm of the times. Who else would have catalogues with useful rip-out Filofax inserts (not that mine got ripped out!)? Honestly, REMO could have existed just to sell these catalogues and they wouldn't have had to sell any of the products within...

    15092, Australia - 20 February 2004

  • Remo memories

    I still remember the first time I walked into a Remo General Store. It was the first generation Sydney store that eventually closed a little while later. I'd never seen anything like it and to this day you can still see tattered and nearly worn out RMO t-shirts on die-hard faithfuls who refuse to throw away that 'lightbulb' or 'green eggs' or 'loved' someone gave them all those years ago. In Paris recently I stumbled upon another concept store that brought these Remo memories flooding back: loft (

    Matthew, France - 12 February 2004