Sundance, Utah

Sundance is a ski resort near Provo, Utah. It is well-known as the location of the Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the United States.

Sundance, Utah


  • Never fails to delight and inspire me

    "A Place. An Idea. Celebrating and Enriching the Human Experience." Aside from the obvious aesthetic value of all things Sundance - from the actual geographical location to the gorgeous, clean design of all things associated with it - there is a lot to love about this brand. Robert Redford's support and devotion to art, artists and environmental causes, appreciation of beauty in every day things and a desire to elevate and enrich the human experience through Sundance are all remarkable examples of true spirit. I love Sundance because it never fails to delight and inspire me...the artist-made ring that adorns my hand from the Sundance catalog, the fine dining experience in Utah at Redford's restaurant (complete with Sundance wine!), and the many wonderful films made widely available to audiences through the help of the Sundance Institute are all perfect examples of what makes this brand so strong and appealing.

    Rebecca, United States - 02 March 2006