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  • When I wear them I feel good

    Ethical background, great colours and fab fit. When I wear them I feel good in the knowledge that there is no exploitation or child labour going on, and that the cotton used has not gone somewhere to disforming a picker, of course. The fact that I love the people that sell it because they seem to be passionate about the brand, and that the design is fantastic, just makes it all part of the over all package.

    ecolupe, - 12 October 2008

  • Now only buy this cool brand

    I always to buy brands like G-star and Pepe jeans, but now only buy this cool brand. Why? Well because I like the jeans (models) My bud looks better in those jeans..yes really!

    Jeremy, Netherlands - 18 November 2005

  • Colors of the rainbow

    Kuyichi is a unique clothes brand. The name Kuyichi is derived from the Peruvian god of the rainbow. There is a legend that the rainbow god of the Taquile Indians became angry with the people and took all colors away from life. After introducing and perfecting the art of weaving beautiful blankets, the Indians were able to bring the colors of the rainbow to the world.

    Nicolien, Netherlands - 14 September 2005