Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging and optical products, including cameras, photocopiers and computer printers.



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  • Painting with Canon

    Canon is my paintbrush...I feel like I am a painter when I take pictures with Canon. I take my Canon everywhere because it is perfect to carry around. My camera understands my taste, my urge to capture happy moments and to relive my memories.

    Winaria, Indonesia - 17 September 2014

  • Best shoot!

    This is the best camera I've ever bought. The camera is capable of taking pictures of all the things in my life with very good results. It has good quality and takes the best shots, so I have never lost a precious moment. Smart people will buy this camera. Canon is always be the first!

    kezia, Indonesia - 09 September 2014

  • My Camera is My Soul

    My Canon camera is my soul, without it I cannot paint light. It is always with me wherever I go, capturing moments. My Canon is my soul and, therefore, my life.

    Tiwi Astrida Stefani, - 09 September 2014

  • My travel best friend

    My Canon Eos 60D is my travel best friend! It captures every moment I love and always captures it beautifully. I love Canon!

    Alma, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Creates a story

    Canon special for me and my family. Why? I use Canon 7D since 3 years ago. I have taken many pictures with my Canon 7D. I can create my own story when taking a picture using the canon 7D.

    kesera, - 08 September 2014

  • Record Special Moments

    This camera is the best for recording your special moments with your loved ones. 


    Ayu Asti, - 08 September 2014

  • Better lens

    Canon has the best lens ever.

    Ayu Asti, - 08 September 2014

  • Capturing the Best Images

    The pictures I take with my Canon always look really cool. The images are so high quality, it catches details that even your eyes can't see! Canon is also great at always making a better version of their previous camera. I've tried other cameras but cannon is the camera for me. The best pictures I have are the ones I took with a Canon.


    Meongsonyeo, Indonesia - 07 September 2014

  • Big Fan

    I always feel comfortable with a Canon camera. I am a big fan!


    Alma, Indonesia - 07 September 2014

  • Thanks Canon

    I love Canon because the quality of the photos are so excellent. It is also simple to learn how to use Canon cameras. 


    natanael, Indonesia - 07 September 2014