Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in imaging and optical products, including cameras, photocopiers and computer printers.



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  • Rocking Canon

    I started photography with a Nikon film camera that I inherited from my Dad, but I have to admit that I’ve always had my eye on a Canon photo. I finally picked up my first Canon Powershot in college after earning some money from working part -time, followed with my first Digital SLR experience with 40D, and nowadays I'm rocking the 5Dii for both photography and film.

    Iwanwho, Indonesia - 06 May 2014

  • Click It

    Oh yeah, I've been in love with Canon since I went to high school! I had my own DSLR CANON 60D, how I loved bring my camera whenever I'm travelled. my heart and my soul are one with this camera. the good things that I ever knew about this camera are not complicated, simple, and easy learning. so, just keep on click in!

    Azizah Ananda, Indonesia - 13 March 2014

  • Good Start

    Canon it's a good start for young photographers. 

    Gunawan, Indonesia - 11 March 2014

  • Makes real my imagination

    Canon is a place where I can make real my imagination and pour into it an image that is immortalized.

    Anastasia, Indonesia - 28 October 2010

  • A sense of confidence

    I use a Canon DSLR 450D. For me, it gives me a sense of confidence when wearing the luxury lens "L".

    reza, Indonesia - 27 October 2010

  • My third eye

    Canon is my third eye. First are my eyes, second is my heart.

    Yonas, Indonesia - 23 October 2010

  • Helps me to keep my memories

    For me, Canon isn’t as simple as a DLSR. For me, my Canon EOS 50d helps me to capture a moment in time. My Canon helps me to keep my memories. I love my Canon, and I love XP.

    Yandhika, Indonesia - 27 March 2010

  • My Canon pictures never fail to surprise

    I've been using Canon for years and these are the best photo cameras I have had and have tried so far. I'm one of those people who take photos of everything, but I'm not pro and I have no plans to take photography seriously. However, my Canon pictures never fail to surprise everyone around me. I love you Canon!

    Maria, Bulgaria - 21 January 2010

  • My third eye

    My Canon Eos is my third eye. One I can always rely upon. It never let me down. And always kept on surprising me: The 50E with its eye-controlled focusing system or the 5D, a full-frame and affordable DSLR. And above all, my Eos stands for freedom, fun and free time.

    Erik, Belgium - 21 February 2008

  • Canon is solid

    What can be more upsetting than being in the presence of the perfect picture moment and having a camera that under performs? Canon is solid... I am amazed by the difference from the competition, especially when it comes to capturing color and depth.

    Gabriela, United States - 14 December 2007