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Secret Life Of Us (The)

Secret Life Of Us (The)


  • I can watch episodes over and over again.

    'The Secret Life Of Us' has been my favourite show for a long time now. I own all 3 box sets and find it remarkable the way that I can watch episodes over and over again and find something new and enjoyable in each. It's good to see an Australian drama with such profundity and meaning, the actors should be admired. Samuel Johnson and Deborah mailman should be credited with their dedication to the show. The soundtrack to the show is also amazing; the producers take time to hunt for new upcoming and unknown Australian artists. Waikiki, 78 Saab, Pollyanna, Abby Dobson, Richard Gillard and Motor Ace's music have all appeared on the 3 soundtracks. 'The Secret Life of Us' is an amazing Australian drama, one of which I hope to see back on our television screens very soon.

    Kelly, Australia - 20 August 2005

  • Shouting to be heard

    ‘The Secret Life of Us’ is a brilliant drama that has characters and a plot that you seem to gravitate towards. This show is located in beautiful St.Kilda, Melbourne. Which is a perfect setting for these 20 something characters to grow up, socialise and explore themselves. I nominate this as a Lovemark because I can’t remember the last time a television series included such realistic issues affecting our society today. ‘The Secret Life Of Us’ is shouting to be heard, and I for one am prepared to listen.

    Paige, Australia - 20 August 2005