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Koko Krunch

Koko Krunch is a brand of chocolate flavoured cereal produced by Nestle and available in South East Asia.

Koko Krunch


  • Best Accident Ever

    Ever since I was a kid, I've had a love for Koko Krunch. of course, Koko Krunch was created acidentally when extra cocoa was addedl, as seen in the TV ads. Every bite is crunchy and totally worth it.I ate them for breakfast, as well as during morning and afternoon tea, with or without milk, and it never fails to please. I'm a syill happy Koko Krunch kid, even though I'm 22 years old. Haha. 

    sekar, Indonesia - 09 March 2014

  • Krunch Krunch

    I'm thankful to my mum for giving me this tasty ceral when I was little. I still love to eat it. 

    sekar, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • My favorite cereal

    Koko Krunch is my favorite cereal. I love to eat Koko Krunch whenever I want.

    cindy meirina, - 20 September 2012

  • Love to eat it everyday

    I love to eat Koko Crunch everyday. Koko Crunch is necessary for our health. Koko Crunch is my best friend when I feel like I'm starving.

    cindy meirina, - 19 September 2012

  • Koko is still yummy

    Koko Krunch is always at the top of my list of cereal choices. I remember when I was a child, I loved to put a Koko bite on my finger, pretend that it was a ring and then eat it from there. I love the chocolate flavor in it, with or without milk, Koko is still yummy.

    Milaastari, Indonesia - 18 September 2012

  • When I'm not in an eating mood...

    Koko is my buddy for a better or worse, and he helps me becoming what I wanna' be. He does funny things and he remind me of good memories with my mom when we used to go shopping together, or when we;'d sit in front of TV. When I'm not in an eating mood, my mom could easily persuade me to eat Koko Krunch. Koko you are my best buddy!

    Shanti, Indonesia - 15 June 2005