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Dumbo feather, pass it on

'Dumbo feather, pass it on' is an Australian quarterly periodical published by Kate Bezar. It was launched in 2004.

Dumbo feather, pass it on


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  • A beautiful creation

    A beautiful creation. I love the stock it is printed on. I love the square format. I love the photography. I love the content. Everything about this magazine is perfect. Thank you Kate, for giving us Dumbo Feather.

    Louise, Australia - 01 March 2007

  • To be motivated...

    Quite simply, the birth of this magnificent 'Mook' has captivated and inspired. Essential for anyone who needs to be motivated, to be all they want to be and more! Thank you...

    Jacqui, Australia - 04 August 2005

  • Storytelling not opportunistic journalism.

    When I was first handed a copy of Dumbo Feather I didn't know quite what to expect - here was a great looking 'book' (not a magazine) that had just 5 stories about 5 people. I read it cover to cover then made sure I let someone borrow it - I passed it on. It is great to learn about people in a manner which is closer to storytelling than it is to opportunistic journalism. I love this book and I've just subscribed. I'm now waiting in anticipation for the next issue.

    Jim, Australia - 12 April 2005

  • It makes me think twice...

    It is so uplifting to watch someone follow their dreams despite the obstacles. It makes me think twice about my life and what I want out of it. That's why dumbo feather is a true Lovemark to me.

    Sarah, New Zealand - 17 February 2005

  • It just gets better and better

    I have lived in this world for over 50 years and have never before been inspired to subscribe to a magazine. But Df is different, it's more like a book of short stories. I look forward to each publication with great anticipation. I read an article and savour it before reading another, making the deliciousness last. I relish its look and feel and enjoy looking for the less obvious design features. Each issue seems to build on the quality standards set in the previous one, so it just gets better and better.

    Margaret, New Zealand - 14 February 2005

  • Unique and inspirational

    Df is outstanding. There is nothing like, it is unique and inspirational. I have two subscriptions, one for myself and one to pass on to those who love it as much as I do.

    Tim, Australia - 13 February 2005

  • A unique creative force

    Knowing how this truly inspiring publication is pulled together each issue, I can proudly say that every word, image, interview and article is deliberated over with so much love and dedication. It is a marvel to watch this dream turn into such a unique creative force, in a commercially boring and repetitive industry.

    Penny, Australia - 13 February 2005

  • A beacon of shining light

    Df is a beacon of shining light in the publishing world: stylish, witty and beautifully finessed, indulging in its pages that are obviously made with love is an experience to treasure. Makes you want to read more. And we all need to do more of that.

    megan, Australia - 12 February 2005

  • Sick with love

    I'm sick with love, running to the post office to see if my back orders have arrived, re-merchandising newsagents' shelves to bring Df to the front, looking at other mags with disinterest... This 'mook' by Kate is inspirational. What creative forces are behind such a publication? It was needed and then just appeared. I know reading Df I'm with a family of like-minded individuals and it makes me feel that I finally belong: I'm proud to be passing it on.

    Anne, Australia - 11 February 2005

  • Fuelled by passion

    This is an amazing publication, fuelled by the passion, integrity and hard work of just one woman. Keep up the good work Kate, and may we see many more issues of Dumbo Feather.

    Jen, Australia - 11 February 2005