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IKEA is a low-cost Swedish home furnishings retailer with more than 200 stores in 34 countries.



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  • Creative Design

    I first visited IKEA when I was studying in Malaysia. The store concept is really interesting. People walk on a set path through various rooms of a house. Like that they see many different living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens...IKEA offers a wide range of furniture and products. All of the designs are very creative and beautiful. Also IKEA offers furniture for an affordable price. I love it and can't wait to go there again.

    Rully, Indonesia - 15 September 2014

  • Excited for the New IKEA

    IKEA just opened a new store near my house. I am very excited to add new furniture from IKEA to my house. 


    Jacqueline, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • New IKEA

    I first went to IKEA when I was in the UK but I couln't shop while I was there. Soon IKEA will open in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. I can't wait!


    marselastefanie, Indonesia - 08 September 2014

  • Satisfied Customer

    Good, trusted products. They always make me comfortable and satisfied.


    jovita, Indonesia - 05 September 2014

  • Your dream house come true

    Everyone can furnish their dream house with IKEA.

    Jessica, Indonesia - 04 September 2014

  • World of living

    IKEA offers everybody an entire world for your home and boundless possibilities to make it more beautiful and cozy.  

    Jessica, Indonesia - 04 September 2014

  • At Home

    It makes me feels at home. 

    keanny, Indonesia - 07 March 2014

  • Makes it possible for everybody

    A place that makes it possible. For everybody.

    mariliva, Italy - 22 March 2013

  • Me heart IKEA

    From the entrance to the exit, awesome! Me heart IKEA.

    Anty, Indonesia - 26 September 2012

  • Most memorable

    The first IKEA I visited was in Hong Kong last year. I was there in HK to participate in a debate competition together with my teammates. We walked thorugh Kingston Street and so on while doing window shopping and we passed by IKEA. They have amazing furniture and that they are popular for. The most memorable thing about IKEA is that I will never forget the small restaurant and cafe near the exit door. I will always remember the comfy place, the smell of the juicy meatballs, and also our joy and laughter back then.

    Christin, Indonesia - 19 September 2012