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Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the capital city of the Spanish province of Valencia and the third largest city in Spain.

Valencia, Spain


  • Where I would like to live if I have to choose

    I lived in Valencia for five months and I left my heart there. To me, it is better than Barcelona. Even though Barcelona may offer more fun and stuff, but Valencia is where I would like to live if I have to choose.

    Chicco, Italy - 11 January 2006

  • Flowers, light and love

    The hymn and wellknown song "Valencia" describes it best: "Valencia es la tierra de las flores, de la luz y del amor" ("Valencia is the country/city/town of the flowers, light and love") a) flores - flowers: smell, fresh, life, colourful b) luz - light: brightness, senses, life c) amor - love: this is exactly what a "love brand" best describes, doesn't it? ;-) Vixca Valencia !

    Pablo, Spain - 25 August 2004