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Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls are an American folk rock duo, consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers.

Indigo Girls


  • Beautifully melded

    These two fine artists are the female answer to Neil and Tim Finn...beautifully melded, voices singing the musical equivalent of an Ann Beattie novel: memorable characters, soulful back stories and stunning narrative. My heart simultaniously breaks and fills with joy when I listen to one of their songs. Plus, kudos to them for being real and not being afraid to push social buttons, from smoke-free concerts to social awareness, I am awed by their talent and convictions.

    etray, United States - 27 March 2007

  • The guts to be honest

    Two singer/songwriters who have created music that does indeed have the power to become a soundtrack to your life. Who are loving activists, who have the guts to be honest about what they don't know and stand up for what they do know. Two women who have the power to bring deep melancholy and intense joy into your life. Those who are fans almost inevitably start loving the Indigo Girls. This is literature, this is pure, this is mastery of the discipline (heartfelt folk?). They don't visit Europe often enough, though ;-) Love, Annedien

    Annedien, Netherlands - 14 September 2004

  • Loved and appreciated

    The Indigo Girls have provided a soundtrack to my life ever since I was introduced to their music. Their lyrics have oftentimes expressed my deepest thoughts and feelings, even when I could not articulate them. Not only does their music affect me, but their social awareness and advocacy makes me love and appreciate them even more.

    Kristin, United States - 09 September 2004