Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is a retail marketer of lingerie and beauty products. The company gained notoriety in the 1990's after it began to use supermodels in their advertising and fashion shows.

Victoria's Secret


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  • Feel Fresh

    I always using Victoria's Secret fragrance mist every morning. The scent makes me feel so fresh, it makes my body and mind feels happy. My favorite is pure seduction. Victoria's secret is a must that I used to start a day with.

    Devi Indah, Indonesia - 07 March 2014

  • The One and Only

    For my make up essentials, Victoria Secret is the first and only one on my list. Their illuminating sheer powder and blush on lasts until the end of the day. It gives me complete and long lasting coverage. It's perfect for my skin. I've never used any brand of make up ever since I learned to first put on make up.

    Nadine, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • It Is Perfect

    VS Bombshell is my favourite perfume. It smells seductive but kind of sweet. I love it, it suits me perfectly.

    fitri, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • It's The Best!

    Few years ago, I got a package of Victoria Secret's product and I fell in love with it. Sheer Love (the lotion) is just perfectly gorgeous and offers luxury fragrant hydration. My favorite perfume is EDP Dream Angels Glow that contains Peony, pink pepper and cashmere woods. It's the best combination in the world!

    Dewi Yuany, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Red Lips

    I just brought a Victoria’s Secret Sweet Talk Lip Gloss and now I feel so sexy! I love their Shimmering Peach shade, it’s an incredible project leaving you with red wet lips. Victoria Secret, I love you! 

    Zed, Indonesia - 14 October 2013

  • Feel Glamourous

    Feel Fresh with Victoria’s Secret Perfume! I love Victoria’s Secret products, especially their range of perfumes. For me Victoria's Secret has the best perfume ever. Their scent’s smell exquisite, and are really enjoyable to wear, you can’t but help feel glamorous when you wear them, and I make sure to wear their perfume everyday. I love you Victoria’s Secret!

    Renata, Indonesia - 01 September 2013

  • Beautiful in form

    I love Victoria's Secret because of the smells, features..,Everything about Victoria's Secret is beautiful in form.

    liesuyanti, Indonesia - 27 September 2012

  • Big thanks

    I have dry skin and have tried many products before I found Victoria's Secret body cream. It is really useful and helps my skin. Now my skin is soft and smooth as this product focuses on dry and rough areas. Victoria's Secret body cream has a really sexy smell. I use 'Love Spell' as my favorite body cream. Now, I am confident when wearing bikinis and short pants.

    oktadiansari, Indonesia - 18 September 2012

  • Sexy, joyful, so feminine

    I love Victoria's Secret because of its underwear, swimsuits, bras, body lotions, mists and so on. Every item in that store makes me feel so sexy, joyful, so feminine, and it is a good fit for me. Everytime I get into the store it makes my day. I can find every color and every style in that store. I'm kind of a moody person and I can't stick to just one style. Victoria's Secret also has casual and sporty items that I can wear while working out. It also it has so stylish and chic items that are sexy, and that helps me a lot!

    SELEN, Turkey - 07 July 2011

  • Little secret that gives me that extra boost

    Panties aren't just panties; they express who you are without many people knowing. Every morning I get to pick out a new pair to get my day going. It is that little secret that gives me that extra boost of confidence when I need it the most. Thanks Victoria’s Secret for making me feel the sexiest without trying too hard.

    Meredith, United States - 01 April 2005