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Appalachia, USA

Appalachia is a cultural region in the eastern United States that stretches from southern New York state to northern Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Appalachia, USA


  • Completely won over

    I'm a native Floridian now living in West Virginia, and I'm completely won over. There IS something special about this isolated land and the people who make their homes here.

    E, United States - 11 March 2005

  • Part of my heart lives here

    My family has deep roots in northern Alabama - we even have our own little mountain in the foothills of the Appalachians. This is a beautiful place and part of my heart lives here, among the wild strawberries and the blackberries, the green and all the wilds, most especially among my family.

    Laurie, United States - 16 September 2004

  • Apple-AT-cha

    I wanted to say that the area where I live is in SW Virginia, which is fantastically beautiful. For those who don't know, the locals pronounce it Apple-AT-cha. That's the real way to say Appalachia!

    Kathryn, United States - 21 August 2004

  • No matter where you look

    I have lived in many places, but a year ago my family and I moved to the heart of the Appalachian mountains, and I LOVE it here. There is beauty in the landscape no matter where you look, and the people are interesting and "real." I love the rich Irish and Scottish heritage and the music is addictive!

    Kathryn, United States - 18 August 2004