De Cecco

De Cecco is a brand of Italian pasta.

De Cecco


  • Nothing can compare with the taste!

    I first started eating this pasta (my personal favourite is No.41 Penne Rigate) while living in Italy for high school. Upon moving back to America, I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't find it anywhere. After more than three years of searching, I found it randomly in the grocery store. Albertson's, Target and all carry it. It costs quite a bit more than regular pasta, but is well worth it (I buy it and I'm a college student! That's how great it is!). The noodle stays firm after cooking, and nothing can compare with the taste!

    John, United States - 15 December 2005

  • JOY!

    I first learned to love this pasta - in its distinctive blue and yellow boxes - when I lived in Rome. All the ladies at the local small shop were buying it and told me it was the very best. I used it for the rest of my stay in Italy, then was sooo disappointed not to find it when I returned to the US. Now you can find it nearly everywhere - oh JOY!

    Tracy, United States - 16 August 2004