• My son and I Love ReadyMade

    My son and I Love ReadyMade! Aside from the awesome projects, ideas, and provocative commentary, I enjoy the How'd You Get that F***ing Awesome Job articles! This magazine truly encourages you to think outside the box (sometimes literally). Recent nifty project competitions included things like: What do we do with our empty Altoids tins or old pallets ?

    Teri, United States - 11 March 2005

  • Using all of the buffalo

    Readymade is a bimonthly magazine that aspires to give "instructions for everyday life" to young, do-it-yourself kids who want to make neat, original clothes, bags, household funrishings and the like for themselves or friends. They write about what other creatives are doing out in the marketplace while also giving step-by-step instructions for lots of different home projects. Once you try out one or two of the ideas (and it goes well) you're so hooked. My favorite was Todd Oldham's T-shirt transformation tips, as I have lots of fun shirts that are way too big to be hot. Some projects give you ideas about what to do with that old Christmas tree, stereo speaker, styrafoam block, etc. making you feel like a Native American, using all of the buffalo. The design is cool, also. So much hipper than dishing out maximum dough at Urban.

    Mary, United States - 13 August 2004