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Coach is an American brand of luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories.



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  • Highclass

    I think so many people like Coach products because it is so glamorous and highclass. I also like their products because they have so many styles and variations which is great. 


    Clarathania, Indonesia - 05 September 2014

  • Perfect Accessory

    I got a Coach leather bag two years ago as a birthday gift and I carry it with everyday. It's just the perfect accessory for any occassion, and the design is everlasting. You certainly can keep it for years...

    Metty, Indonesia - 09 March 2014

  • Love Coach Bags

    I love Coach bags. The best brand I've ever had the pleasure of owning. My mother bought me one for my 21st birthday, and I fell in love with it instantly. Coach makes me so me.

    Devi Indah, Indonesia - 09 March 2014

  • Personal Favorite

    Coach wallets and sling bags are my personal favourites. I love it because they have a very wide range of design, colour and material to choose from. The first Coach I got was from my mom and it was the most memorable gift I got when I was on my teens because I wasn't expecting it. I cried for joy on that day.

    Nadine, Indonesia - 07 March 2014

  • Is There Any Reason Not To Love It?

    I do, I do, I do love COACH. Especially their leather bag. I was given it for the first time as a birthday gift and since then I always carry it everywhere I go. It just fits all occasions, good quality with affordable prices for a branded item, classy and everlasting design. You can keep it for years.. There you go girls, is there any reason not to love it?

    Metty, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Makes every woman happier

    I'm so much in love with Coach, especially the bags. The design is really fashionable, classy and I just feel so confident when I'm wearing those bags. One more thing, it is affordable. No regrets at all. Coach bags make every woman happier than before!

    yonayohana, Indonesia - 31 January 2011

  • My mom and I have made it

    I love, love, love Coach handbags. My mom and I have made it "our thing" to take a day where we drive out to our local Coach outlet store and shop all day long! The second that we walk into the store we are bombarded with hundreds of adorable Coach purses. In about 10 minutes we both can be found with 5 bags each on our arms; trying to decide on just 1 bag is NEVER an easy task. Each trip into the Coach store is exhilarating...I love the feeling that I have come over me on the drive to the local mall. Purchasing that new Coach bag is like sitting right up on Cloud 9. There is something about the fresh leather scent and stiff, sturdy - new Coach bag that I just LOVE! It's always such a joy to walk out of a Coach store with a new handbag in my possession. I love the way that my new Coach handbag makes me feel.

    kylaballschmiede, United States - 11 September 2009

  • I got my first Coach bag in 1981 and still have it

    I got my first Coach bag in 1981 and I still have it (and it's in great shape). They do last forever (at least the old styles). Even though I've had some problems with the newer styles not being as sturdy as the old style - the company always stands behind their products.

    Mary, United States - 14 February 2006

  • It's the only purse I use

    My dad bought me my first Coach purse nearly three years ago. It's the only purse I use and it still looks brand new! I had to have the strap replaced and they did it for free. The service and support they back up their product with make it that much better.

    Molly-Erin, United States - 05 October 2005

  • Doesn't scream status

    The moment I walked into a Coach store and bought my very first bag 2 years ago, I knew that if I ever wanted to buy a handbag, wallet or any other leather goods, there would be no other store I'd rather go to than Coach. The bags are gorgerous, elegantly designed. Coach's core competency is leather goods and they do it well. Coach doesn't scream status. That's what I like. The Coach collection is simple yet elegant, high quality without the high price tag and most of all, a down-to-earth type of brand.

    Radha, Singapore - 24 November 2004