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Apple is a California-based computer technology company. It helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s and is known for its innovation design hardware and software offerings.



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  • Ahead Of The Pack

    The first reason I love Apple Mac's is because they are virus free.  Secondly their extremely reliable for work, and can be used by any industry effectively. So far their's no other company that can match Apple's products and that includes Android, they're just so far ahead. 

    Regiana, Indonesia - 07 May 2014

  • Value

    Great design, simple, great apps. I thought it's not enough to describe the whole of Apple products. As my experience, Apple could translate their philosophy into their products. They give me different perspective about technology. Not only about hi-tech and sophistication needed for technology brands but also about value that they bring to a brand. 

    martadinata, - 10 March 2014

  • Pure Love!

    Apple iPhone powered my life. I'm not exaggerating when I say my iPhone is a thing that powered my life. Work, running an online business, listening to music communicating, even studying something new with my iPhone.My IpHone can do it all. And I'm not kidding, my Apple iPhone is my lovemarks. 

    sam, Indonesia - 07 March 2014

  • Just Want Apple

    There's no if's and but's, I just want Apple products. It has everything that I'd ask for and anything I need. It's a stress free life having Apple products around.

    Nadine, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Apple is a huge global brand who has strong positioning. It is one of the most valuable and best brands in the world. I am one of its customer who loves using its products, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple have a loyal customer base who continue to buy all of their products. For me, Apple is about technology, innovation and design. It's a really satisfying brand to use. 

    gyanprahasti, - 06 March 2014

  • Apple Favorite

    I just want to say that Apple is my favorite brand!!!

    Bunnynongky, Indonesia - 06 March 2014

  • Apple Boy

    I ‘m so in love with Apple's product. Apple is my soulmate. Every year I spend all my savings on the latest Apple products. The first one is iPod classic, and then iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPod Touch and now an iPad. Apple makes my life easier and helps me in so many ways. Never thought I could love a brand like this. I am proud to say that I am an Apple Boy.

    Larrylogan, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Meaning

    For me the only computer company I ever want to be associated with is Apple. Why? Because Apple products have meaning. Apple = Awesome, Prestigious, Popular, Long-lasting, Everything. Nowadays everyone around the world knows just how superior their products are, and they have maintained a consistency with ensuring that a high level of technology is achieved. My life has become so much easier since I brought my first Apple computer. 

    Amalia, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Nothing Beats Creativity

    Apple is the right brain in the computing world, always feels more creative everytime I'm using my Apple Macbook.

    kanty, Indonesia - 05 March 2014

  • Makes My Life Easier

    Technology is very fast changing in the global market, and APPLE has everything good to follow up and develop their technology. No one can replace Apple - ranked first place for the best computer company. Apple makes my life completely easier.

    Amalia, Indonesia - 05 March 2014