San Francisco based company Method, introduces innovative design and naturally-derived, biodegradable formulas to the home care industry.



  • Let's make something different!

    This brand is a great disruption case in a category and an example to follow. I love the thinking behind. it. Why does the cleaning category have to be dull, ugly, messy, scary!!! Why?? Let´s make something different!

    carla, Peru - 05 May 2008

  • I love how they think

    I saw the CEO of the company speak last year. It was a great evening. What I loved about the company so much is that, yeh they are sustainable, but they want to sell you on design and lifestyle. Sustainablilty shouldnt be a trend, it should be every day. I love how they think that way.

    Shawn, United States - 16 January 2007

  • They work well, smell spectacular and are beautifu

    Using eco friendly ingredients, beautiful packaging, competitive price points and fresh, friendly smells, method consistently has delivered cleaning products that both work and create a satisfying and inspiring user experience. Being environmentally responsible comes as a feel good benefit when other eco friendly cleaning products put it so far out front the sheer satisfaction of the product's associated task/chore is neglected. By giving the consumer no reason to dislike the product and every reason to embrace it - method products work as well as the harsh chemical equivalents in their category and deliver a more satisfying use case - because they not only work, they work well, smell spectacular and are beautiful to look at. They both serve their purpose and bring a layer of kinesthetic and intellectual pleasure to using them, all while being competitively priced.

    Leslie, United States - 11 November 2005

  • Really inspiring packaging

    Great products with really inspiring packaging. Another reason to shop at Target. The recent magazine inserts are worth hanging on to for the graphics and photographs.

    JRG Tampa, United States - 10 September 2005

  • An avid Method evangelist

    I first encountered Method products in HOW magazine a couple of years ago. I was so enthralled by the elegant design and their philosophy of everyday chores becoming enjoyable, sensual experiences. I am an avid Method evangelist. I relish the prospect of introducing a new person to the wonders of the Method world. When they ask about my handsoap, I take them for a tour through my whole house, pointing out the different Method products in use. I wish my whole world could smell like Method's "sweet water" scent.

    Laura, United States - 12 March 2005

  • Loyal fan for hire

    My loyalty to method home care products started with a simple mission for handsoap at Target. All I needed was some soap that didn't smell bad... little did I know that I would come away with a good smelling, environmentally friendly product in a gorgeous plastic bottle designed by Karim Rashid! After this, I was hooked. If you explore method's website, you'll read about their stance on everything from design to pollution. As a designer and an avid recycler, I am overjoyed that I can buy a practical product in a great package that I don't have to send to a landfill when it's empty. Method, I congratulate you on a great product line... are you hiring loyal fans?

    Kate, United States - 10 July 2004