Women Presidents' Organization

Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) is an organization focused on nurturing female entrepreneurs.

Women Presidents' Organization


  • Can't live without it

    WPO. Can’t live without it. So it must be a Lovemark!

    Laurel, United States - 15 May 2007

  • Continues to strengthen

    The WPO continues to strengthen as a Lovemark. The organization has grown from 700 members in 2004 to over 1000 in 2006. This year is the 10th Anniversary!

    Caitlin, United States - 31 January 2007

  • WPO Sisters

    Women who own and run multimillion dollar businesses certainly understand the adage "It's lonely at the top." Who do such women take into their confidence? Who do they commiserate with when they must leave the baby home with chickenpox? Who do they celebrate with when they collect on that outstanding account that allows them to make payroll? Well, the 700 women across the US and Canada who are lucky enough to belong to the Women Presidents' Organization (WPO), do have someone with whom to share their problems and their triumphs. These amazingly successful women meet monthly to discuss tough problems and arrive at real world solutions. WPO Evangelists have created multiple chapters in cities like New York, while successful, busy women in other cities drive two or three hours, month after month, to share their struggles and their successes with their WPO Sisters.

    Mary, United States - 20 August 2004