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Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii


  • Call me crazy if you will...

    My friends and family consider me just enough cranked beyond center to label me, "that Kauai crazy woman." What they ignore in their jest, are the fragrances of Kauai which envelope the breath the moment a tradewind greets your arrival. Kauai has the breath of life delivered every waking moment. Call me crazy if you will, but I have lavished upon my years an ongoing love affair with this garden isle that calls me, sometimes, three times a year, to return. I never depart the island without a future reservation confirmed, for without a future arrival, I could never check-in when the calendar brings the mainland flight to me. Kauai did not seduce me. Kauai existed within me before I was born. All I had to do as my lifeline unfolded, was discover the wonderment of being there, and truly just step into my Self.

    Jo Anne, United States - 18 August 2004