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ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is Australia’s national public broadcaster. The ABC provides television, radio and online services throughout Australia and overseas.

ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corporation


  • What a Lovemark should be

    It's very simple - when you ask people, they say "I don't watch television, I watch the ABC". ABC is more than a public broadcaster, it is a part of who we are. We would fight in the trenches to save the ABC, and that is what a Lovemark should be.

    tribalinsight, Australia - 19 September 2008

  • A way to discover the ways of thinking

    Australia is not so well-known in France, particulary in the regions.The ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a very interesting way to discover the ways of thinking and living in this country. Today the newest webconnections systems should allow everyone to have a real luck to exchange and develop our programs and ideas.

    Devichi, France - 18 November 2005

  • Talkback at low volume is my solution.

    A youth of long hair, denim jeans, black t-shirts and heavy metal. Mates with bands that always needed a hand, living my dream as a roadie touring the world has left me a continuous memory of those times. Tinniitus, that low volume high ptched ringing in my ears. Its easy to ignore, during the day the city provides background noise. At night in the suburbs its quiet, and my past comes back to me. Talkback at low volume is my solution. It's my background noise to get to sleep. Thanks 774.

    Marcus, Australia - 17 August 2005

  • What would I do without the ABC?

    What would I do without the ABC? A news and current affairs junkie, I listen to AM, PM, watch the ABC news, 7:30 Report, 4 Corners, Lateline and Foreign Correspondent. The challenges facing us in today's world demand that we have an up to date knowledge of the other 99% of the world. I don't believe that this is possible via the commercial gateways, focusing on irrelevant issues, with sycophantic interviews, and emphasis on triviality rather than real issues that demand attention. I thank the ABC for its breadth of programming. More money and power to them.

    John, Australia - 29 July 2005

  • Keep banging the drum...

    As an Australian living in the UK I can say from experience that there is nothing over here that comes close to the ABC's Triple J. Not only is their fearless approach to the music they play exceptional, but the talky type shows they produce are informative and intelligent. Keep banging the drum, and thank God for the internet, which allows me to stream the J's into my home here in Manchester!

    Claudine, United Kingdom - 15 February 2005

  • My childrens link to Australia.

    ABC for kids - the ABC's childrens programming - is regularly sent to me by Grandparents and friends to us in Japan. It provides my children with a necessary link to help ensure that whilst they grow up globally aware, they also maintain strong ties to Australian values and culture. Culture and values from the richly cosmopolitan country we Australians are all proud to call home.

    Russell, Japan - 01 February 2005

  • So thankful

    Without the ABC's radio station Triple J I think I would have gone mad by now. I am so thankful for all the amazing music they bring me everyday from around the world and especially Australia. Long live the ABC!

    Irene, Australia - 30 December 2004

  • Well informed and entertained

    The ABC is truly something I could not live without, from Triple J to Parliamentary question time - I can go a full day without listening to, or watching anything else and still be well informed and entertained.

    Jon, Australia - 22 August 2004

  • Has to get my vote

    A New Zealander voting for something Australian...what a novel idea!! But ABC has to get my vote...where would I be if I couldn't continue to listen to the best radio station on the planet, Triple J. And I'm sure my son would self-combust if ABC weren't around to bring him his addiction of the world famous The Wiggles. Go ABC, you have my LoveMark !

    N Removed, New Zealand - 22 August 2004

  • I wonder...

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has (for over 70 years) been providing Australians with a window on our nation - covering music, the arts, religion, science, politics, and sport. Local, regional, national and international issues are covered without bias and in the interest of the Australian people. Its contributions to our society span the mediums of radio, television, the Internet, print media, CDs, DVDs, etc. I wonder what would Australia be like without the ABC?

    Mario, Australia - 02 June 2004