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Charles & Keith completes me!

Story by Keren Loekman

Charles & Keith provided my need for shoes since I was in senior high school. The design is suitable for any woman and very comfortable. Now I am 23 years old and still wearing Charles & Keith shoes and bags for work or hanging out since the design never fails me.

Like being in a Fairytale

Story by Keren Loekman

I stayed in Budapest for 3 days. I stayed on the Buda side and had a walk at a beautiful castle area. I saw the Pest side from Buda at night, it amazes me every time when I recall the memory of visiting Budapest. The Parliament building view, across the river at night feels like…

Friendly Seoul

Story by Keren Loekman

When I first touched down at Seoul my heart was beating so fast. I cannot speak Korean but people at Seoul are very friendly! They greet everyone with a smile even though they know I am not a Korean. They are also really helpful. The city is busy but does not lose its beauty. The…

Jones' calms me :)

Story by Keren Loekman

I have been a fan of Norah Jones since forever. Her voice gives me peace and calms me down every time I listen to her songs. My favorite is “What Am I to You?”. Her lyrics are great! She describes everything so well.

Simple and Elegant

Story by Keren Loekman

I used to go around and around the shopping center mall to find the most suitable clothes for me. Then I found Marks and Spencer which gives me a simple and elegant look with style for all clothes I wear from M&S. Thank you Marks and Spencer.

Your Very Own Present!

Story by Keren Loekman

Kate Spade’s packaging is the most beautiful packaging of any product I have ever seen. It really looks like I get a present for my birthday even though I bought it by myself and for myself. But the packaging is so lovable and so girly yet elegant!

Ferragamo beautifies my wrist

Story by Keren Loekman

I am a fan of Ferragamo’s bracelets! Especially double wrap ones. Ferragamo has a unique and recognizable design for bracelets. Ferragamo also gives every bracelet that I wrap on my wrist an elegant look.

No more dull skin :)

Story by Keren Loekman

I fell in love with Laneige since the first time I used Laneige skin care. I used to have a dull skin. Then I washed my face with Pore Deep Clearing Foam and it felt so hydrated. And then I applied Power essential skin refiner which is refreshing my face, – Water Bank Essence_EX -…

Where there is a Starbucks, there I am a local

Story by Olga Chirkova

Two years ago I came back from my studies abroad in Rome, moved back at my parent’s and didn’t find a job yet. I was quite unhappy and a bit depressed. Nevertheless, I decided to move to a cheap city I didn’t really like. Later I found a job in my homecity. So I had…

The city that never sleeps!

Story by choffchoff

New York is a magical place where around every corner there is something to be discovered and explored. From the towering building heights to the local restaurants with amazing food, shopping marathons to meeting the real New Yorker, it’s sensory overload from the minute you step off the plane to the minute you leave.

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