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My Food Bag

My Food Bag is a weekly food delivery of groceries and recipes to match.

Leslie Carol Lindarte O. Loves Google (3 hours ago)


The Bose Corporation is an American company that specializes in audio equipment for personal and professional use.

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We are giving one lucky member of Lovemarks.com the chance to win an iPad Air 2 with 16 GB RAM.

And you can feel it

A beautiful piece of equipment, and my equipment has to work. My watch works beautifully. I guess all watches are pretty accurate these days, like all cars are pretty reliable; but there’s a difference between an Audi and a Hyundai, and you can feel it.

Probably the most popular footballer

Probably the most popular footballer on the planet. Even though his transfer fee from Manchester United to Real Madrid is not too “expensive” (compare to Zidane or Ronaldo prices when Madrid bought them), it made huge impact on the business side (huge loss to ManUtd stocks). Aside from the transfer biz, David proved himself as…

Julia Chuzha Loves Google (11 hours ago)

Andrex Toilet Tissue

Andrex is a brand of toilet tissues first produced in 1942. The company is a subsidiary of Kimberly-Clark.

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Jules Taylor Wine

Jules Taylor Wine is a winery located in Marlborough, New Zealand. Jules Taylor Wine produce wines that reverberated around the world with a distinctive, award winning character.

Julia Chuzha Loves Moleskine (11 hours ago)


Toho Co. Ltd. is a Japanese film, theater production, and distribution company.


Harlaxton Manor

Harlaxton Manor, built in 1837, is a manor house located in Harlaxton, Lincolnshire, England. Its architecture, which combines elements of Jacobean and Elizabethan styles with symmetrical Baroque massing, renders the mansion unique among surviving Jacobethan manors.