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Dream Game

When I play The Sims, In can fulfill my dream to build my own designed house, create a person and manage all their activities. It’s awesome! There is no other game better than The Sims. 

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The Sims
Jonathan Schnoor Loves Reddit (10 hours ago)

TUN Travel

TUN Travel is a Vietnamese online travel booking company.


Fresh and fun

I am new to Bookcrossing and have not released a book yet but I am planning on it. I love the idea as I am passionate about reading! I also love the worldwide community that has developed from the Bookcrossing members! What a fresh and fun idea that has been made a reality!


99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores are a chain of deep-discount retailers of name-brand general merchandise in America. All products in-store are sold for 99 cents or less.

Prize Giveaway


We are giving one lucky member of Lovemarks.com the chance to win an iPad Air 2 with 16 GB RAM.

Truly responsive

What better way is there to honor a brand than naming a whole generation after it? MTV has made a huge impact on not only the music industry, but the entire world, defining, driving, and reacting to the youth culture of today. It’s truly responsive; a remarkable trait of any good brand.

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Christian Brandt Loves Steam (10 hours ago)


Japan is a country in East Asia.

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Jonathan Schnoor Loves Jagermeister (10 hours ago)


Teamsworks is an online project management tool.