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My Food Bag

My Food Bag is a weekly food delivery of groceries and recipes to match.

Aulia Ramadhan Loves Teh Botol (10 hours ago)


Kmart Australia Limited is an Australian chain of discount stores, owned by Wesfarmers. It operates 189 stores in Australia and 18 in New Zealand, with its head office located in Mulgrave, Melbourne.

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Endless Childhood

I feel as though I will never outgrow the excitement of going to Disneyland. The park is truly magical and takes me back to my childhood.

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By Sean Wilson
United States


Ayavus design ultra thin and durable wood bookmarks created from all natural, eco-friendly, and 100% real wood. Ayavus also custom make wood bookmarks for special occasions and weddings.


Traktor: DJ Software

TRAKTOR is the name trusted by countless professionals worldwide – pro DJ software built to move dancefloors.

Mochammad Nur Dhanyansyah Loves Ferrari (12 hours ago)
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Cowgirl Creamery

A taste of authentic love

A taste of authentic love. A small company run by locals in Point Reyes, California, the Cowgirl Creamery puts out some of the best cheeses in the world, including the perrenial favorite, Humbolt Fog. The commitment to delicious products and organic ranching and farming makes this a standout lovemark.

By brandman
United States
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Abraham Lincoln

The Man

Coming from a humble background, Abraham had to work really hard to even find books to educate himself, but he was persistent. An observer at heart, he saw what was truly needed and rose above the current to help bring about what he believed was right. He was the 16th president of the United States….

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By Kathryn Ortega
United States
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Pabst beer

My lake beer

PBR is my lake beer. I love sitting of the end of the dock at the end of the day and watching the sunset while drinking a PBR.

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By Sean Wilson
United States
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My Time Machine

To me, Starbucks is so much more than a place to order a cup of coffee. Starbucks is my time machine, my home away from home, and my endless source of much needed caffeine. Stepping into a Starbucks will often give me an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, transporting me to when I was seven years…

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By Gabby Smith
United States
Aulia Ramadhan Loves IndoMie (12 hours ago)

Cerveza Minerva

Cerveza Minerva is a Mexican company in Jalisco, specializing in producing beers.

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When I was ten

Yes, Swatch was cool when I was ten, and we all wore three or four stacked on our wrists, set to London and Tokyo times as well as the time zone we actually used in Ohio. When I was 15, I went to Europe for the first time and before I left I bought a…

By Megan Reiss
United States

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