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My Food Bag

My Food Bag is a weekly food delivery of groceries and recipes to match.

Nergis Senturk Loves Climber B.C. (3 hours ago)


CrossFit, Inc. is a fitness company founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000.

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Like a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly day

The Hallmark name, products and their commitment to excellence are like a warm cup of cocoa on a chilly day. When you encounter this brand, you know you are safe, I can trust their products, and I can use view their entertainment with confidence that I will be better for doing so.

By Diane McCaffrey
United States

Backyard Sports

Backyard Sports is a series of video games released for both consoles and computers. The series is best known for starring kid-sized versions of popular professional sports stars.

Valery Makarova Loves Audi (10 hours ago)

Dove Beauty Bar

Dove Beauty Bar is a soap with ¼ moisturising cream, it goes beyond cleansing, nourishing as it washes away the day…

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Lands' End

LOVE Lands' End!!

The company has a sustainability team called GoGreen. They meet on a regular basis to establish a variety of sustainability goals for Lands’ End. Upon reviewing their website I was amazed at all of the initiatives they have begun. One area I was particularly pleased to read about is how they strive to be a…

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By Michelle Schmitz
United States
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Al Jazeera

High quality of programming

Revolutionary network based in Qatar. Al Jazeera has established itself as an international brand in an extremely short period of time. Despite being vilified by special interests in the US and the West, the network has grown so fast and added an English language service, a documentary channel, and a kids channel. All of it…

By Ramziz
United States
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Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

I often find myself daydreaming about Crate & Barrel. Crate & Barrel is a chain of American homeware stores based in Northbrook, Illinois. Crate & Barrel product line is absolutely fabulous and I have never found an item that I didn’t want. The craftsmanship and the uniqueness of their pieces keep me coming back. So…

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By Carletta Rhodes
United States


Bushe is a bakery in Russia that has wonderful croissants and cakes for special occasions.

Nergis Senturk Loves Giorgio Armani (16 hours ago)


Moleskine is a brand that identifies a family of notebooks, diaries, city guides, and accessories for Writing, Travelling, and Reading. Flexible and brilliantly simple tools for use both in everyday and extraordinary circumstances, ultimately becoming an integral part of one’s personality.

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Abraham Lincoln

The Man

Coming from a humble background, Abraham had to work really hard to even find books to educate himself, but he was persistent. An observer at heart, he saw what was truly needed and rose above the current to help bring about what he believed was right. He was the 16th president of the United States….

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By Kathryn Ortega
United States
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My love for Dove

I couldn’t live without Dove soap. I have such sensitive skin from having eczema, it’s the only soap that moisturizes and doesn’t dry my skin out.

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By Angelica Lazaris
United States
New Lovemark climber-b-c

Climber B.C.

Climber B.C. is a men’s clothing brand of Cuno Group.


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