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SAAB is a line of automobiles manufactured by the Swedish company, SAAB Automobile AB, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation.


Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona is a Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi, serialized in Hakusensha’s shoujo manga magazine Hana to Yume from August 2009.

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Why Japanese anime is so successful

Bandai is most likely the main reason why Japanese anime is so successful. And I’m 100% sure Bandai is also the god of ever teenager’s anime craze. They brought to us an image where every children young and old, an animation character to admire, a world where imagination is limitless (Gundam series, Sailormoon, Dragonball, Gungrave…

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Go J-Lo!

My sister and I fell in love with her years ago. She is still in perfect shape and her voice, performances and passion are amazing. I have never found a video of her falling down on stage, who can perform better than her? Go J-Lo, go!  


The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a first person exploration game. You will play as Stanley, and you will not play as Stanley. You will follow a story, you will not follow a story. You will have a choice, you will have no choice. The game will end, the game will never end. Contradiction follows contradiction, the rules of how games should work are broken, then broken again. This world was not made for you to understand.

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It is the best supermarket .

It is the best supermarket than it exists in Peru. The attention is A1 – from the ambience to the organization of products – without leaving outthe treatment of the personnel! Because Wong…He is Wong!

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Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia and the country’s third largest city by population with a sprawling urban population of 8.6 million in 2011.


Bolt 4G

BOLT is Indonesia’s first 4G LTE service.