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Everybody makes mistakes

Microsoft may be everybody’s favorite enemy, as countless forum posts all over the web and the ‘lose it’ votes here can attest to, but it definitely deserves a ‘love it’ vote for me. Microsoft is far from perfect, but it is without a doubt an innovative company which cares about its customers. It is a…

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Jonathan Schnoor Loves Reddit (2 hours ago)


Japan is a country in East Asia.

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TUN Travel

TUN Travel is a Vietnamese online travel booking company.

Christian Brandt Loves Steam (3 hours ago)

An international communicator

Music is an international communicator and it is most obviously displayed through Lloyd Webber’s musical works. How else does one explain the international hits he has written translated into so many languages? No matter how many times I hear the notes of one of his songs there is still a sensation of excitement that flows…



Teamsworks is an online project management tool.

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Dream Game

When I play The Sims, In can fulfill my dream to build my own designed house, create a person and manage all their activities. It’s awesome! There is no other game better than The Sims. 

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The Sims
Jonathan Schnoor Loves Jagermeister (3 hours ago)